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Come to Black Pearl Tours for your private tour experience, luxury car hire and personal service

See New Zealand at its best with our premier limo or coach service.

New Zealand is a land of diversity, stunning beauty and spectacular sunrises. Wild and meandering rivers, mountains and national parks, lush farmland, and the most
alluring of homes and private gardens.

New Zealand also boasts internationally recognised cuisine and an award winning wine industry.

We invite you to journey and share these vistas and experiences with us.

We can deliver private personalised itineraries, through which you can enjoy the different parts of our heritage and culture.

Some of our itineraries cover the following:

  • Home and garden
  • National Parks
  • Interactive cooking and diverse cuisine experiences.

You are driven in a well-appointed, spacious, air conditioned touring coach with ample luggage capacity. Group numbers typically range from 4 to 10 persons per tour. These tours are not pressurized journeys - the pace is designed for ease, comfort and enjoyment.

Overnight accommodation, where applicable, is 4-5 star.

Contact us for further itinerary details and pricing.

Feel free to ask about your area of interest and we can provide a private customised tour specific to your requirements.

Please note that our cancellation policy for these tours differs from our normal terms and conditions-for more information contact us.


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